Crosscut Strategies is a strategic communications and public affairs firm that works with Fortune 500 companies, high growth start-ups, and non-profit organizations to create the most favorable conditions possible for them to succeed.

We’re not afraid to cut across the grain to get things done.

We help organizations develop and craft a compelling narrative; handle crises; devise creative digital, media, and thought leadership strategies - and execute to win.



We help your
reach its goals.

The aim of a communications program is to support the broader strategic goals of the organization – which can include everything from attracting investors and increasing valuation to reaching new customers, changing public policy, and establishing thought leadership.



Crosscut Strategies creates and executes winning campaigns that influence policy outcomes.

With years of experience in politics and government at every level and across the country, we know how to develop the messages, arguments, and campaigns needed to advance your public policy objectives. We work across issue areas and at the federal, state, and local level — applying our understanding of the issue terrain, relationships with the key players, and experience to achieve your goals.



From sudden policy changes to legal action, any situation that threatens the reputation or viability of an organization is a crisis.

Crosscut Strategies has deep experience managing crises– of all kinds– at the highest levels of scrutiny. When a crisis hits, we respond rapidly and work closely with your executive and legal teams. Before a crisis, we can help build the processes and assets needed to be prepared for any eventuality so that you are never truly taken by surprise. 



You can’t win a debate if you aren’t part of the conversation.

Crosscut Strategies understands how to elevate our clients’ profiles, reach key policymakers and influencers, and reshape the discussion affecting your business or your issue in the media and beyond. From research to targeted speaking engagements and brokering the right relationships, we help our clients create an environment in which they thrive – and win.



We have a deep understanding of the policy and businesses driving the future of health care.

In a large, regulated industry like health care, there is one conversation that cuts across business and policymaker lines. Crosscut Strategies knows how to shape that discussion to serve our client’s objectives. We have deep experience in health care and in working with some of the most innovative health care companies on the cutting edge of technology and payment structures. At Crosscut, we know how to position digital health companies for rapid growth with enterprises, providers, and payers.



We don’t just develop the strategy – we deliver results.

Media relations strategy at Crosscut Strategies is driven by the belief that there is no “new media” — there is just media, and that’s why digital strategy is part of everything that we do. We identify the key audiences, and refine messages that influence and motivate. Moreover, we have the experience and relationships with the reporters, editors, and opinion leaders that matter most.



We know how to help build startups from the ground up.

Crosscut Strategies understands the unique demands of the high-growth start-up – including the relentless drive to produce results. We have worked with disruptive companies to navigate regulatory hurdles; reposition them as they approached an IPO; leverage record-setting investment rounds; and navigate the scrutiny that comes with fast growth. Crosscut Strategies helps cutting-edge companies prepare for the spotlight and receive the positive exposure and coverage they need to power growth.





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